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When JoyPac first set out to build a data-driven mobile games publisher in 2018 they knew they needed an analytics tool that could scale as the business grew, without significantly driving up costs. More importantly, because they specialize in APAC markets like China and Japan, they were conscious that they’d need to to track players in both the East and the West, and do it accurately.


Today JoyPac uses GameAnalytics to evaluate all of the games they publish. They start by asking developers to integrate one of the GameAnalytics SDKs into their games. They then analyze this data to learn more about the behavior of different players, and get a clear picture of what is and isn’t working, usually based on the changes that their Beijing-based ops teams make to the game.


Back in 2018, APAC games publishing specialist, JoyPac, entered the market with a clear mission to make it as easy as possible for game developers to find success in new territories and increase their yield by reaching more players than ever before. Since forming with this goal, they've worked tirelessly to perfect their strategy and optimize the distribution process for their partners. They’re now beginning to see some amazing results.

Within less than a year of forming, JoyPac released more than 18 games - and in early 2019 one of their very first titles reached the top 3 most downloaded games on iOS in China. They claim that their "success is the result of an uncompromising focus on high-quality hyper-casual titles, combined with a data-driven evaluation process using GameAnalytics. This helps them identify the best new releases primed for success in the East."

Fluffy Fall: one of JoyPac's most successful games (and a massive hit on iOS in China)
Having released 18 successful mobile games in a 7 month period, JoyPac is proving that hyper-casual titles can make it big in Asia.

The founding team at JoyPac has decades of experience releasing mobile games across the globe, including throughout Asia. They have first hand knowledge of the pitfalls that most Western game developers face when trying to break into these markets. That’s why JoyPac was founded on a strong belief of improving transparency, clear communication, and building close partnerships with game developers looking to break into Asia. GameAnalytics helps JoyPac deliver on that promise with uncapped access to global performance data, giving their partners the ability to analyze and optimize their stats - for free.

JoyPac’s Western team is based in Copenhagen, which helps them address a lot the problems that developers often encounter when dealing with publishing partners based in APAC. Their Eastern office is located in Beijing, where a team of local experts in game design, user acquisition and monetization work hard to localize JoyPac’s portfolio of partner titles. With this setup, JoyPac has many unique advantages, including closer time zones, less of a cultural divide, and as a result more efficient communication - both during partnership negotiations and with any ongoing live-game optimization.






这是一款原创而又搞笑的游戏,让你想出更加巧妙的方法来逃避愤怒的学校老师。它独特的画风让人想起口袋妖怪,它在亚太地区很受欢迎 - 是中国应用商店中下载量最多的3款游戏之一。


Fluffy Fall:疾飞避险!



Fluffy Fall是第一款JoyPac针对亚洲进行彻底本地化,优化的西方制作游戏,就像所有优秀的超级休闲冠军游戏一样,它很容易上手但很难精通。让这款游戏与众不同的是精美的3D图形,流畅的游戏玩法以及非常可爱的角色!





一系列成功更新后的最新版本,已经非常受欢迎。在不到一个月的时间里,Master of Repair在中国应用商店的顶级下载游戏中排名第14位。祝贺JoyPac团队,他们清楚地知道在中国取得成功需要什么。


Super Evasion 3

1.7 million downloads



Chicken Farm

165,000 downloads in China



Non-Stop Space Defense

Launching April 2019

Get ready for battle!

*基于App Annie从2018年3月至2019年3月统计数据的信息

They’ve now released a string of hit titles in China, including Skip School, Radish Girl, Master of War, and one of their most successful releases, Fluffy Fall, published by the Paris-based What(Games) and created by the talented developers at Kilosaurus.

Fluffy Fall was first produced in the West and became quite the hit there in 2017, but interestingly it wasn’t as successful in Asia initially. However, JoyPac saw potential in the overall design and style of the game. After more closely evaluating the metrics and the opportunity, JoyPac and What Games went into a collaboration. JoyPac localized and culturally appropriated the game, simultaneously integrating GameAnalytics, which is now a key component in growing the game further. Since launching in China as 绒球历险记 (meaning roughly Pom Pom Adventures), Fluffy Fall has seen more than 700,000 downloads in China alone.

This isn’t to say that the process of launching games in China is easy - far from it. JoyPac has to navigate many hurdles to get a game successfully published in China...

The Great Wall of Challenges

Launching games anywhere in Asia can be tough, but doing so successfully in China is even more difficult. China has many cultural and legislative differences that must be considered for your game to even be seen, let alone successful.

When discussing this with JoyPac, they highlighted some of the main challenges that they often face when launching each new title in China.

1. Government licensing

The Chinese government recently imposed a blockade, preventing licenses being accepted for many new games.

2. Cultural sensitivity

Censorship laws in China are considerably different to many other countries, particularly when it come to violence.

3. Publication licenses

Only a Chinese entity with the appropriate commercial license is allowed to apply for one of these, so a partnership is key.

4. IP theft protection

Copycat games are a big issue, but a partner company should know your rights as a game developer, and have a good understanding of China’s IP law.

5. Fragmented app stores

In China, the Android market is fragmented, so developers need to cater to well over a dozen app stores in order to reach the vast majority of players.

6. Changing legislation

Due to concerns about IAP costs and time spent playing games, the Chinese government often updates regulation to govern the way players can be monetized.

For more info, have a read of this article - JoyPac's key things to note when launching games in China

These are just a few common but frustrating issues that game developers are likely to face when trying to launch in China. They're challenges that have inspired publishers like JoyPac to build cross-cultural teams, effectively bridging the gap between West and East.

With all of these challenges present, plus the added pressure of an ever more competitive gaming market, analytics plays a vital role for the success of JoyPac's games. Their expertise in APAC, combined with a data focused approach that respects key metrics and KPI’s, means that both JoyPac and their partners have a much higher chance of finding success when tackling the East.

Say hello to some of the JoyPac team in Copenhagen: Allison (COO), and Jeppe (VP of Publishing) 👋

Some words from the JoyPac team...

JoyPac's team is as diverse in expertise as it is in location. That's why we reached out to several of their employees to learn how GameAnalytics helps them in specific ways. We talked to experts in many fields - from design, to advertising, to publishing (based East to West), to learn more about how GameAnalytics helps them with their day-to-day roles.

The flexible event structure and granular reporting provided by GameAnalytics helps us to drill deep into key metrics and in-game events. It saves us a lots of valuable time by making sure our team is focusing on the right updates.


Allison Bilas

COO | JoyPac

What is good game design without a strong analytics tool to match? GameAnalytics helps us to always make the right decisions for our publishing products, easily and efficiently. It’s the best tool in the business.


Jeppe Bisbjerg

VP of Publishing | JoyPac

I login to GameAnalytics daily to understand which types of events are most important. It influences my design decisions for our partner tools and helps me make better judgements based on metrics, data, and facts!


Anders Therkildsen

Product Design | JoyPac

With 15 popular games in APAC to date (and more expected), we need a great analytics tool to monitor KPIs in real time, whilst working reliably for our teams in China, Europe, and anywhere else. GameAnalytics gives us exactly that.


Falko Boecker

Senior Publishing Manager | JoyPac

"We use GameAnalytics across the whole company. It’s an important part of our tech stack that helps us understand player data and monitor the health of titles internally, but also update our partners externally with helpful updates. We use the REST API to pull specific data points into own own reporting platform and share with them automatically."

"Most importantly, GameAnalytics is the most reliable platform out there to help us understand the behavior of our players in China. Very few other trusted systems actually work in there, but with GameAnalytics it’s simple - and with very little effort we’re able to answer questions like: what do Chinese players like about the game? What features are especially sticky? How are they responding to ads? GameAnalytics helps us answer these questions in an intuitive interface with dozens of well documented SDKs."


Allison Bilas

COO | JoyPac