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With Benchmarks+, we now have a much clearer idea of the KPIs we should be targeting before launch, saving our studio time and money in the long run.


Sofia Sellami

UA Specialist | Pixion Games

Developers of: Bash Arena

Benchmarks+ helps us inform our decisions with real market insights, keeping us connected not just to our closest competitors, but to the overall industry and the changing behaviour of players.


Aliaksandr Nenadavets

Manager of Competitive Intelligence

Wargaming America

Thanks to Benchmarks+ we can better see competitive KPIs and adjust our strategies.


Pavel Dolezal

Head of Innovation | PIXEL FEDERATION

Developers of Train Station 2

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View the top 2%, 3%, 4% of performance

Compare "standard" games to "superstars" with aggregated data for the top 2%-5%, along with the top 10%, 15%, 25%, median and bottom 25% of real-world performance data.



Whether you care about retention, engagement, or monetization - we have you covered with all core metrics: D1-D7, D14, D28, Session Length, Session Count, Stickiness, Playtime, Conversion, ARPPU, ARPDAU.


4+ years of historical data




根据 App Store 中的划分类型进行灵活的过滤:动作类、冒险类、街机类、休闲类、益智类、棋牌类、纸牌类、赌场类、小游戏、文字游戏、多人游戏、角色扮演类、模拟类、策略类、竞速类、体育类。



获得以不同视图展示的新鲜洞察:1)方便研究季节趋势的时间序列趋势图 2)方便找出核心数据的热力图 3)方便获得市场快照的堆叠式柱形图。


Dig deeper with advanced filtering capabilities

Get the answers you need with our new filtering capabilities. Filter by region, platform, or spenders, with more filtering options coming soon.

But wait, there’s more...

We’ll be releasing loads of new features for Benchmarks+ over the coming months. Here’s what’s new, and a sneak peek of what’s to come.

Recently released features

What's new in Benchmarks+

In our latest release, we’ve introduced more advanced capabilities, including new filtering options (region, platform, and spenders), more metrics (D1-7, D14, session count, and playtime), and now even more quantiles (Top 2%, 3% and 4%).

Coming soon

Sub-genres, feature-level filtering, and more

After releasing our first batch of updates, we’re now working on the next features in our line-up, including: feature-level filtering, 20+ sub-genres, ad-level data, and game design filtering (with a lot more to come).

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